Playlist for the new parent

I always have the radio on & switch it between Classic Fm & BBC 6 Music. The other day I heard the dance classic, ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless and the main spoken bit, “I can’t get no sleep” made me think – what other songs have titles or subject matter applicable to the highs and lows of being a new parent?!

Are there any songs you know that somehow relate to the mess, the disorganisation, the excitement, the love, the surprises, the giant learning curve that is bringing a new little person into the world?


The best classical music album for soothing babies


This album is my absolute favourite for soothing baby to sleep – she seems to particularly like piano music and the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi is perfect baby calming music. If you haven’t heard of him already, you may find you recognise some tracks – ‘Divenire’ was used in the Proctor & Gamble ads for the 2014 Olympics, and they used ‘Primavera’ for an ad for this year’s winter Olympics too. The BBC has used Einaudi music across programmes too, particularly Top Gear according to Wikipedia, how odd!

Anyway, it’s contemporary classical music, very lyrical, not stuffy, just beautiful & very easily accessible. I think this album is a kind of best of. We love it – listen to his stuff on YouTube first but we highly recommend it!