Amazing trick for removing baby poo stains!


Baby has had a lot of ‘pooplosions’ recently and while searching the baby forums for recommendations I found the most surprising one – wash items as usual then leave them out in the sunshine. I thought this sounds too good to be true but it works!

The stains disappeared almost as I watched – I see it’s referred to as ‘solar bleaching’, and if course I know the sun fades colours, but does anyone know why it fades (breastfed) poo stains so efficiently? It’s like a miracle!!


Cotton wool buds for removing finger fluff


Am I the only one whose baby keeps blue fluff in between her fingers & toes (and neck folds, abs belly button…)?

I’ve struggled to remove it as baby doesn’t exactly help by keeping her hands clenched! Then by chance I saw on the Tesco Loves Baby Twitter to use cotton wool buds to clean in between fingers & toes – revelation! Baby’s not a fan, but I’m also not a fan of finger fluff 🙂