Recently rediscovered porridge


As a kid in the 80s, I used to looooove Ready Brek, the instant porridge stuff that was advertised tantalisingly with radioactive-looking kids.


As a teenager & in my 20s, I stopped eating breakfast as I always felt nauseous in the mornings, and wouldn’t eat until around 10am, and then always Marmite on toast, if I could – I had office jobs where they allowed eating at your desk. However my keyboard did get pretty crumby & Marmite-y.

When I fell pregnant, I had to start eating breakfast to combat my dreadful morning sickness, and because I was so hungry all of the time. I’d actually eat two breakfasts – toast & Marmite at home, then honey nut Shredded Wheat at work. I got in trouble for the cereal – my boss complained about the chink of my spoon against the bowl, he thought it would sound unprofessional down the phone if customers could hear it! So we compromised and I ate my cereal with a plastic spoon!

I’d all but passed over it as tasteless mush for old people or people dieting in winter, and after trying a ready-mixed flavoured porridge sachet which was utterly disgusting, I wasn’t about to change my mind.

With baby at 5 months, I’m still eating two breakfasts – I’ve tried cutting the second out, but I just end up eating lunch at 11:30 & starving at 4pm, plus I’m breastfeeding and still losing weight slowly. I started eating porridge after buying oats for a ‘breakfast muffin’ recipe, which was delicious but not a long term solution to my breakfast issue as despite being made with yoghurt, oil and honey they were still too fatty. I was searching for something to eat & found the porridge & pumpkin seeds I’d used for the recipe, and suddenly thought – why have I been eating a muffin when I could deconstruct it & eat the source?!

So using soy milk (partner is lactose intolerant so there’s always some in the fridge) I made up the porridge as it’s a little sweeter than dairy milk, added a spoonful of low fat natural yoghurt, added banana & blueberries & the pumpkin seeds & I’ve found a healthy breakfast that I actually like! I get my carb fix from the oats, protein from the soy, energy from the banana, vitamins and minerals from the blueberries & pumpkin seeds & it’s a good source of fibre. I could add honey I guess but I find the soy milk makes it sweet enough. I’m quite pleased with myself, I know that’s silly over a bowl of porridge, but we have to take pleasure in the small victories, right?!


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