Baby meet cat, cat meet baby


Baby has been showing more and more interest in our cats recently, and this morning our cat Suki allowed baby a little stroke! Suki has been enjoying some evening cuddles with me when baby’s in bed, and has been particularly friendly recently – we couldn’t imagine that 8-10 months ago, she used to be so timid & aloof! But going outside has made her a changed cat. And fit such a little cat, she has an enormous, happy purr!


One thought on “Baby meet cat, cat meet baby

  1. Ha! Our kitties make it into Miss Dorian’s thoughts in the blog often as she is obsessed with them currently. She chases them in her little walker and squeals at them. This obviously is not enticing for the kitties, and she is so sad when they run away. Her latest is in haiku…
    “Oh my kitty cats
    How you tease me when you run
    One day you are mine.”
    Your cat looks a bit more tolerant of your wee one, which is awesome. Our kitties are still mostly afraid of our boisterous little girl. 🙂 Glad to know that we aren’t the only ones out there though with a cat focused baby.

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