Second ocular migraine, and first bath post-partum


Yesterday I was washing up from the previous night’s delicious pizza that my partner made, and I was scrubbing the inside of a large white mixing bowl, underwater, for ages to get all the remaining dough off it. When I put it down, I had a visual disturbance in the corner of my right eye – like my vision went zig-zaggy.

This has happened before. Once when I was 17 and very stressed about my A-levels, and I subsequently had my one and only migraine headache which was awful, lasted about five hours and I had to lie on the sofa with my head hanging off it, upside down, in a darkened room, as that was the only way I could get the pain to lessen. The next time was about two months ago, and I only had the visual disturbance; I was really worried I’d get that headache too, so I drank loads of water & rested the best I could, with a two month old baby. Fortunately, the headache didn’t come.

Yesterday  when it happened, I did a similar thing: immediately dranm
drank two pints of water (I was aware I had not drunk enough the day before), closed my eyes and tried to relax. I remembered the visualisations I was taught during my hypnobirth sessions, imagined my colour (yellow) and all the positive associations I built up around it. When I opened my eyes, the disturbance had gone.

On my partner’s advice, to try relax me, last night I had my first bath since I was pregnant, with lots of lovely bubbles and as hot as I could manage – it was great.

Today I looked up causes of migraines, and guess how many I could check off:

1. Caffeine – 2 cups of tea a day, not much but I guess everything adds up
2. Red wine – 2 small glasses the night before
3. Cheese – in particular mozzarella & feta, both on the delicious pizza
4. Over tiredness – goes with the territory
5. Emotional stress – from arguments with my other half recently
6. Flickering light – staring at the reflection of the washing up water in the white bowl

Looking at that I was pretty much asking for it – thank god the headache didn’t come too. I’ve learned my lesson regarding having too much fun…


One thought on “Second ocular migraine, and first bath post-partum

  1. Woke up with an established migraine today. I know exactly what the eye pain feels like before it sets in. Good luck with the elimination of the potential causes.

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