What’s the deal with No More Page 3?

I’m not particularly a feminist, but I do agree that Page 3 should go – it’s just not respectful & I agree that it reinforces gender stereotypes. Not to mention giving girls an image of what their breasts should look like; and that’s not fair as usually men aren’t very fussy and are happy with whatever they’re allowed! I’m not against porn, I think it has its place – on the top shelf – and Page 3 belongs there with it.

Lisa on duty, campaigned for the No More Page 3 cause Lisa on duty, campaigning for the No More Page 3 cause

We’ve all been there – you’re just trying to have a quiet read of the newspaper when you turn the page and suddenly, you’re faced with a picture of a woman with her boobs out.  Or worse, when you’re not even reading the paper, but the person next to you on the bus is, and you can’t help but notice the topless woman glaring at you from the page. It’s slightly distracting, usually embarrassing and arguably, completely undermining for females across the country.

The fact that Page 3 still exists in The Sun might sound like a bit of a bad joke, or maybe even a bit of harmless fun.  But the team behind the No More Page 3 campaign aren’t laughing (and neither are the 191,700 people who have already signed the petition or their 28,600 Twitter followers).  We spoke to one…

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