Breastfeeding research can start explosive discussions!

Breastfeeding research can start explosive discussions!

Personally I think breastfeeding is best – nutritionally of course it’s designed for them, and (when you’ve got the hang of it) it’s easy & cheap. It is of course a personal choice but I suspect a lot of women who stop or never start would have liked to have breastfed, reading between the lines on comments on forums, etc. There is a lot of support available but as I know personally, it can be bloody hard work & very painful so I have total sympathy for women who stop because of problems. That being said, I think stopping because you want ‘a bit of me time’ or giving up too easily is selfish. You’re not breastfeeding for you – it’s to give your baby the best possible nutrition. 

Saying all of this though I should mention that I was formula fed as I was adopted, I turned out okay although I did suffer badly from tonsillitis as a baby – may or may not have been from not gaining a better immune system from being breastfed. 

So I find any iinformed research & discussion interesting, as I find myself on both sides of the fence. I would never tell anyone what they should or should not do – it’s not my business – and it’s rude & disrespectful. 


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding research can start explosive discussions!

  1. Well, I had MULTIPLE ear infections as a child and tonsillitis many times as an adult….and I was breastfed. 🙄 I am a huge breastfeeding supporter, but I also support woman who choose not to, or are unable to. 🙂

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