Buggy Fit – previously ‘Pushy Mums’!

We’re off to Buggy Fit this morning, for the third time – and I really enjoy it. I’m not great at getting going for exercise; not because I don’t enjoy it but I’m a bit self-conscious & basically lazy! But when I’ve done it I feel good.

So when baby massage came to an end, one of the group said she’s going back to Buggy Fit in that time slot, myself & another girl welcomed the chance!


Here in Bath there’s an enormous park called Victoria Park which is great for the purpose. The lady who runs it is a personal trainer & is lovely, and of course a mum herself. We park up the buggies to run up & round some steps, or do lunges etc, and she keeps an eye on the bubbas. There’s some brisk walking with the pushchairs/prams but no running because it’s apparently bad for your posture.

We also do some resistance training using equipment that she brings & park benches. I know in theory I could do all this myself, but you don’t feel so self-conscious in a small group, and I need the peer pressure and someone telling me to do something to actually do it! Also the mum gossip is a great reason to go! And after we sit on a park bench give the babies a feed, and enjoy the weather (hopefully) and the view (always).



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