Baby-wearing whilst graphic designing

The next phase of trying to do some work from home with baby… She had her immunisations yesterday & has been extremely sleepy thankfully, so have managed (so far) to get quite a bit done. However I am kneeling in the floor with cushions under my knees and my feet have gone dead. Perhaps not a long term answer!


9 thoughts on “Baby-wearing whilst graphic designing

      • Hmm at times – I managed a few hours work this morning but I still have more to do, hopefully baby will have another good nap this afternoon!

      • I myself will be back at work in a few hours. My one and a half day weekend is over and the restaurant business never sleeps. I have had mothers who work for me who during their breaks excuse themselves and pump They keep the milk in the cooler clearly labeled lol

      • I guess I’ll have to be doing that too in a few short months – I work for some very conservative Christians where the women don’t usually work after they’ve got married, let alone had kids, so think they’ll find the milk storing a bit unusual!

      • i didnt mind, there is a restaurant in NY i believe that makes a cheese from brestmilk and they use it in certain dishes.

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