Booby-Trapped & trying to work – madness?

Got some work through for my KIT  days from my job – however no notice & an urgent deadline means attempted breastfeeding and graphic designing. I think I’m insane agreeing to it, and it was slow going, but I managed it in the end…


8 thoughts on “Booby-Trapped & trying to work – madness?

    • Haha thanks, think I’m going to have to be doing I again tomorrow, baby somehow refuses to sleep as soon as I have something important to do, of course!

      • That’s the way kids are lol, they know when you aren’t giving them full attention. Even my teenagers know when I’m on the phone that’s the best time to talk to me lol

      • Hah I guess they start young! Although she is zonked out right now from her 8 week immunisations, poor little thing – nice & quiet this evening though!

      • Well I do enjoy the look into your world and how you manage all the activities of your day you are booby trapped at times lol

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