Cat’s climbing antics give us a heart attack

20140313_153026_resizedOSo I look out of the upstairs window and see this: Suki our cat having a little adventure, walking around on the wooden whatever-you-call-thems next door. This made me a little nervous but I thought, hey, she’s not too high up, she’ll be okay.  20140313_153046_resized Then I see her wander over to the roof of this other building, and look like she wants to climb it. I start worrying… 20140313_153247_resizedThen the little bugger casually walks up the roof, then stalks & chases some bug or something ; I’m freaking out that she’s going to slide off the roof & break all the bones in her little body. I call her out the window & she looks at me…  So I dash downstairs, baby in my arms, and call her down off the roof!



She nonchalantly idles down off the roof up to us, as if to say, “Hi, I’m here – what’s up?” I could have killed her!



2 thoughts on “Cat’s climbing antics give us a heart attack

  1. Thanks fir visiting my blog. Feel free to visit and stay a while. I love cats and the way they have their own personality. Great blog you have here. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you

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