Trying to bake muffins whilst baby wearing – fail

Have been meaning to do a blueberry muffin recipe I found during the week to use up some overripe blueberries & thought today I finally had my chance. We’d been out for a walk in the gorgeous weather we had again today, and baby hadn’t slept so I put her in the stretchy fabric sling kindly lent by my sister-in-law as baby always goes to sleep well in there. So I thought.

We successfully managed to get the batter made as it’s really quick – it’s at, and is low fat as there’s no butter, just milk, yoghurt & vegetable oil. I thought it’d be a good idea to do it in the cupcake maker my other half got me a few years ago, from Lakeland – it’s a great invention… It usually bakes cupcakes & muffins in 8-10 minutes.

Unfortunately this is one muffin that can’t be cooked in the cupcake maker – guess it’s too hot for such a moist sponge, as it just burnt the outside and the inside was still raw. And baby woke up & started shouting at me as I was trying to check them. I ate one anyway. I guess I could now stick them in the oven, and if they come out too dry just make them again tomorrow!

Generally wearing baby is a lifesaver, I don’t know how we’d manage without the sling – means whilst my partner is working, I can get on with washing up & making dinner in the evenings. And are sleeps (usually!) really well in it! She cries if I leave her in her bouncy chair too long, or she can’t even me, and doesn’t really sleep in her moses basket, so we all get some rest with her in the sling.




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