Feeding in a baby sleeping bag

Am I being lazy not getting baby out of her sleeping bag for night feeds? It wakes her up getting her in & out of it, and she falls asleep during feeds, so waking her is the last thing I want to do right now! I love her baby sleeping bag – her Irish/Australian grannny got it for her – but I have started putting a little fabric bib over baby to stop it getting covered in my milk and baby puke (as everything inevitably does). Is it that supremely slovenly?


However that’s a bit of an irrelevant consideration right now as baby seems to be quite awake, wriggling around on me & having a chat with my boob. Just now she puked down my cleavage & then gave me the most enormous grin – I couldn’t help but smile back, I know you’re not supposed to interact at night to teach them it’s nighttime, but that huge open-mouthed grin is irresistible!

We did have a difficult evening of restlessness – whingey & very wriggly when feeding, pulling & writhing at the breast which gave me very sore nipples. I’m worried it’s the antibiotics in on, as the site effects list restlessness, however I’ve been on them for 2.5 weeks now & she’s not been like this all the time. I’ve read on the Babycentre forums this nipple pulling referred to as ‘niplash’!! People attribute it to a variety of things – mostly a need to be burped (tried that), or milk production slowing down, and baby trying to stimulate it as it changes to hind milk. Whatever it was, when we did get to sleep at around midnight, aside from a possible dream feed somewhere in the early hours (dream for both of us – I hazily remember feeding her in the night! We co-sleep) she slept until 5:45, which is a new record! So maybe I’ll let her off the wriggling & niplash… Anything for more sleep!


2 thoughts on “Feeding in a baby sleeping bag

  1. Hi! We’ve just started using a sleeping bag for our littlest (he’s just turned 12 weeks) and I don’t take it off between the hours of 7pm – 7am. It’s such a big stage moving on from swaddling… I feel like he’s growing up so fast! Enjoy this special time xx

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