Osteopathy update

So we went back for our osteopathy appointment (I’ve realised it’s not strictly only ‘cranial’). I needed to feed her when we got there as she was quite worked up in the car. By the time we were seen, baby was calm. The osteopath laid her on the bed and felt around her body & head. She was very gentle & baby stayed very relaxed but alert, staring into the osteopath’s eyes, waving her little arms around & doing her usual sticking her tongue out & opening & closing her mouth. The osteopath said it didn’t seem likely that baby has silent reflux as she didn’t mind being put down on her back, which is good news. She also said she favours one side & realigned that by holding her over her shoulder, leaning her slightly one way. She said that baby has a very fluid energy (or something) and that everything would treat out very effectively. We were both amazed by how happy & calm baby stayed, it was beautiful! Baby is going back for a follow-up session.

Then the osteopath worked on me. She got me to stand in front of her & bend sideways forward, and lie on the bed & bent my legs & arms around. She also pushed around along my spine which was quite uncomfortable at times. I tried to relax through it. Overall it was fairly relaxing though. It’s a few days after now and although I’m sure she did some good, I haven’t noticed anything different. Petals rhapsody that’s because I didn’t need much doing. Baby slept very soundly that evening as the osteopath said she probably would, but also not really noticed any particular difference in her either – but may be the same case that she didn’t need much doing. She has another appointment booked so I’ll ask specifically what has been treated.

Have you had an osteopathic treatment, or have an opinion on it? Let me know in the comments below.


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