Best ways to lose weight after pregnancy

My top 5 tips to lose those pregnancy pounds after having your baby – practical, normal people ways! You can feel a bit of a heffalump and even when you’re breastfeeding it might not just ‘drop off’,  so here are my best tips for dropping the dress sizes…

1. Get out of the house for a walk with baby, every day.
Plan something, like going to the shop, walking the dog, or picking your partner up from work – at the same time so it becomes part of your routine. Then it becomes harder to talk yourself out of it. And walk the longer/harder/more uphill version!

2. Drink lots of water
Especially if you’re breastfeeding, you need to drink plenty of fluids – 2 litres normally, and at least 3 litres if you are feeding. And if you drink water 40 minutes before a meal, it can help fill you up a little. Also it’s very easy to mistake thirst for hunger, so ensure you have a drink before you reach for a snack. The best way is to have a glass or bottle of water within reaching distance at all times – then it becomes habitual.

3. Eat healthily
A no brainer of course, but I’ve found I’ve eaten rubbish since baby’s been born. So on this front I’ve made a promise to myself to only buy healthy snacks, like apples, sunflower seeds, carrots, celery & hummus – then when I fancy something quick at home I’m not tempted by crisps & cookies! Also don’t do the shopping – online or in a store – when you’re hungry. If you’re anything like me, you’ll buy total cr*p!!

4. Eat blueberries.
They’re renowned for their fat burning properties, and they’re delicious with fat free plain yoghurt & honey (just a little) – so chow down!

5. Reduce portion sizes
When I put on weight it’s almost always simply that I’m eating more at a sitting. I could never finish a large cod & chips before pregnancy, but 3 weeks after having baby I happily munched my way through it! Don’t forget the stomach stretches when you eat more, so it takes more to fill you up – think back to how much you used to eat, and only eat that much.

Let me know how you all get on, and if you have any additional ideas!


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