Breastfeeding positions – what works?

So I’ve been trying all the positions in the book to get a good latch out of baby – so far ‘laid back’ or ‘biological nurturing’ has been by far the most successful. It’s relaxing for baby, it calms her & regulates her breathing & heart rate, it encourages a deep &  open latch and you can move baby around a bit to ease nipple discomfort. For me, it’s comfortable on the sofa or in bed, it leaves me a hand free for cups of tea (or blogging!), and when she’s done she can fall asleep on me easily – very cute. Also as your milk supply has to work against gravity, it can slow down an overactive supply.

However as one of my nipples can go flat, this position sometimes means baby lands her head on my nipple and totally flattens it, meaning she can’t find it, or she tries to suck it out but ends up only latched onto the nipple, not the breast. I find if I get cold, or experience a let down, the nipple comes out on its own which makes latching on much easier.

I also like the lying down position – great for in bed at night, especially as baby likes to fall asleep with my nipple in her mouth.

I’ve been trying the cross cradle and cradle positions but find baby isn’t great at opening up for a good latch. If she happens to yawn, I can stuff my breast in her mouth, but otherwise she just kinda looks at it, and licks it. I’m a bit worried about this! If I use a nipple shield I can get her to latch on, as there’s something with a bit more structure being guided into her mouth, but I’m worried about getting her used to the shield & having to wean her off. My other nipple is the opposite – always out and quite fat & thick, and fairly easy to get her to latch to.

Anyone else with nipple issues found one position or other better? I’ve read that the rugby hold can be good for sore nipples, but I haven’t had a go at that yet. I’ve also tried the upright or koala hold as I’ve read it’s good for reflux, but I latch her on laid back, then manoeuvre her upright. However she doesn’t feel very comfortable as she’s only 1 month old, and I need to support her head, neck & back.

Let me know your thoughts on the comments.


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